Serenity Organics
BioIdentical, Natural Progesterone Cream
has a New Look & Several Significant
Improvements to an Already Superior Formula.


Why Serenity Organics?

Serenity Creams have always been formulated with American-made Progesterone and are the only creams that do not contain the cheap Chinese progesterone. Dr. John Lee, pioneer of progesterone cream therapy, stated that “…American-made progesterone is the purest form of Pharmaceutical progesterone in the world”. In addition to being a 10x larger particle size than American-made progesterone, there have been contamination issues in the past 25 years with Chinese progesterone.

The Serenity Organics Ingredients Difference

  • No Chinese Progesterone
  • Serenity Organics contain only certified non-GMO ingredients.
  • Serenity Organics ingredients are all plant-based, ergo, petro-chemical free.
  • >95% of the ingredients are either USDA certified Organic or Eco-Cert Approved.
  • The organic aloe vera (Barbadensis-miller) is taken from the potent inner leaf of the plant and, while not inhibiting assimilation, is healing and nourishing to the skin. It is the highest quality aloe in the world.

Even More Benefits

  • Water makes up approximately 60% of a cream formula. The water in our creams is is de-ionized and highly purified by a commercial reverse osmosis system, passing through a final .3 micron filter (the smallest bacteria is .4 micron). This mineral-free water assures optimal delivery of the active ingredient, progesterone and a bacteria-free cream.
  • The preservative is Geo-Gard Ultra. This is the mildest, yet still very effective preservative. It is also Eco-Cert approved.
  • Each batch is meticulously hand-crafted in small quantities, ensuring you of the freshest possible cream (some progesterone creams may be two years old, or more, by the time they are delivered to the consumer).
  • Serenity Organics are offered in a convenient hygienic travel tube and an Airless Compression Jar which dispenses “just the right amount”.

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